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Major News and Updates!

Shot Tracer Android Update

We are excited to finally release the long awaited public roll-out of Shot Tracer for Android.

This version comes with a huge leap forward in golf ball tracking, making it the most advanced golf ball tracking software currently on the market. Not only does it track the ball flight from start to finish (instead of guessing where it went) but it will also tell you how far you hit your drive. No additional hardware required, your personal launch monitor is now build into the Shot Tracer app! Other new features on the Android side include batch video processing, a beautiful new user interface, various new languages and much more!

Golf Shot Camera (iOS)

For iOS we have released Golf Shot Camera app. This app allows golfers to record videos of their golf shot without having to start and stop each video recording. The app will autonomously record each golf swing video and save it to the phone's gallery. Users have full customisation control of the recording pre sets and there is even a tournament mode that adds Shot Tracer to the video.

Shot Tracer Tournament

Golf courses and golf tournaments can now set up a tripod with any iPhone on one or multiple tee boxes and auto record a golf shot video including a Shot Tracer. The fully automated system does not need an operator and can run the whole day unattended. Golfer then receive their Shot Tracer video via email. The videos can include a message from the sponsor, a logo and many more customisation options.

Reseller Program

We are looking to partner with motivated golf enthusiasts who want to help us take Shot Tracer to the next level. Become a partner and and gain full access to the Shot Tracer Tournament-Set up and implement this cutting edge technology at golf events and golf courses. Please email us at to start the conversation how we can work together.


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