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What used to be only available to high-end TV broadcasting companies now fits in the palm of your hand. 


The Shot Tracer Live app is a real-time ball flight tracking solution with live streaming capabilities to one or multiple streaming platforms. 

Simply open the app and start streaming to viewers around the world or just to the clubhouse. In real-time, Shot Tracer Live will trace only the ball flight, so you can keep on vlogging and moving the camera around between shots as you wish.

You will need a license key to unlock the app. Once the app is activated, all you need to do is press record, and the stream begins streaming to your designated streaming location. The stream is live, and your Shot Tracer will appear in real-time every time you hit a golf shot. A stable LTE or WiFi internet connection is required for streaming.

Shot Tracer Streaming

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Contact us for app access

Please contact us if you have any questions, would like to learn more, or would like to use Shot Tracer Live Stream at your next golf event.

We currently only provide access to Shot Tracer Live Steaming to tournament organizers.


For our consumer product, please refer to our regular Shot Tracer apps.


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