What used to be only available to high end TV broadcasting companies now fits in the palm of your hands. 

Shot Tracer Live is a real time ball flight tracking solution with live streaming capabilities to one or multiple streaming platforms. 

Simple open the app and start streaming to viewers around the world, or just the club house. Shot Tracer Live will trace in real time only the ball flight so you can keep on vlogging and moving the camera around between shots as you wish. 

It is a great solution for course vloggers who want to stream their round with broadcasting quality animations to viewers around the world.

Golf tournament organisers who want to reach a world wide audience and stream to multiple streaming outlets simultaneously.  

Golf coaches who’s students are traveling and need a quick fix on the road.

…or just your everyday Instagrammer going live!

Currently only accepting a limited amount of users so make sure to contact us for an invite before downloading the app.

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