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We are excited to introduce the Shot Tracer Event solution. An iPhone app that automates golf shot recording, tracing, and sharing.

Simply place an iPhone on a tripod or in the optional Shot Tracer iPhone housing on any tee box, and the app will automatically record every player’s golf shot.

The videos are uploaded to the Shot Tracer cloud server, where the ball flight is traced, measured, and saved to a custom online gallery.

The online gallery can be accessed via a link. Shot Tracer videos can be viewed and downloaded right from the online gallery.


Shot Tracer Event is an iPhone app!​

iPhones have some of the best cameras on the market. The HDR yields amazing clear images even in bad lighting conditions. Therefore, there was no point in re-inventing the wheel. It was better to adopt one of the world’s best video recording technologies and connect the dots.

Hence Shot Tracer Event, an iPhone-based autonomous golf shot recording, tracing, and sharing solution. 

It supports any iPhones from iPhone 8 and newer.

Shot Tracer - Smart Tee measures and overlays the following data in the video:

  • Drive distance

  • Ball flight apex height

  • Ball speed

Swing pictures extrapolated to the gallery:

  • Top of the swing

  • Impact with the ball

  • Swing finish

Shot Data

Online Gallery

Your custom gallery is accessed via a link. The access link can be provided to golfers:

• via QR code and website link displayed on the tee box,

• via email,

• via the home page. 


The gallery can also be easily integrated into any website using simple iFrames. The videos and pictures are filtered into folders and sorted by date and tee time inside the gallery. If multiple cameras are used, the videos can also be filtered by hole number. Files can be set to auto-delete after a set time period. The gallery may be set to only be accessed using a login or only in a pre-defined geographic area.


Looking for a turn-key solution? 

Meet Smart Tee:

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to place an order. We can also set up free demos upon request and are here to help if any questions come up.

Contact us to find out more




The Shot Tracer Tournament app license includes access to the app, server hosting and cloud based ball flight tracking. Hardware not included.



The app can optionally stream straight from the tee or the green to any streaming outlet on the internet and directly to the club house.


Using multiple Smart Tees allows you to stream from various locations on the golf course. Stream from tracers on the tee to the putt on the green!


Stream to your website, YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, or any other platform you can think of. Best of all, you can stream to multiple platforms at the same time.


Shot Tracer Cloud AI is like your personal broadcasting direction. The AI will automatically switch between cameras where the action is happening in real time.


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