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  • How does Shot Tracer work? (getting started)
    Shot Tracer app for iOS works very simple. First record a golf shot video or import a pre-recorded video from the phone's gallery. Then make sure the impact frame is auto set correctly. The impact frame is the moment the golf club makes contact with the ball. This does not need to be the exact moment and can be one or two frames off. If it is not auto set correctly use the slider to adjust to the impact frame then press next. Now you can either manually set a landing spot and press next or press next without any adjustments and allow the app to calculate a landing spot for you. Once the video is traced you can adjust and customise the tracer line. Finally press save to save the finished video to your camera roll.
  • What is the best filming angle?
    Make sure to use a tripod for the best tracking results. Place the camera/ iphone about 6 paces behind the golfer. Off to the right (right handed golfer) instead of straight down the line so it has a better vantage point to see the ball flight. Make sure to record more of the sky and less ground bellow your feet. Make sure to record for atleast 8 seconds after the ball was hit to capture the entire duration of the ball flight. For the entire time do not move the camera/ phone.
  • How to create a Map Tracer?
  • How to add Multi Tracer?
    Go into the app > select video > set impact and landing for first shot > analyse > edit trace if needed in editor > go to Options > click on add trace > set impact and landing of second shot > repeat then Save. (it might take a little while to export this video as there is a lot of computer calculation going on in the back ground. Please use 1080p 30FPS for the fastest processing times.
  • Why do my videos not save to camera roll?
    Videos won't save to camera role when you not allowed the app access to ALL PHOTOS. Therefore the app will not be able to save upon export. Please go to the Settings App of the iPhone then scroll down, select Shot Tracer and open the photos option. Here please select ALL PHOTOS instead of SELECTED PHOTOS. Then go back to the app and it will work normal again.
  • Does the app work with 4K?
    4K videos work with the latest iPhones. Nevertheless we recommend filming in 1080p at 30FPS for the best app experience. Higher resolution and frame rates work best with Shot Tracer Pro for Mac and PC.
  • Why are my tracer videos coming out in weird colors.
    This is becuase you are recording videos with HDR turned on. HDR is not yet supported. Please go to the settings app of your phone > Camera > Record Video > HDR Video needs to be OFF.

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