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Shot Tracer Tutorial

Pro Advice:

  • Stand further away from the golfer so camera can film the golf ball for as long as it can.

  • Record the video from an angle from which the golf ball can be seen during take off.

  • Record the video all the way until the ball lands.

  • Make sure you keep the camera stabilized throughout the whole shot. Meaning from takeaway all the time until the ball lands.

  • Its best to attach the phone to a tripod. If you don't use a tripod make sure to not move the phone around while recording... KEEP THE PHONE VERY STILL!

  • If the result of the traced line is not correct, you can manually create the shot tracer.


If you have any questions you can reach out to us: support@visual-vertigo.com


go into the app > select video > set impact and landing for first shot > analyse > edit trace if needed in editor > go to Options > click on add trace > set impact and landing of second shot > repeat then Save. (it might take a little while to export this video as there is a lot of computer calculation going on in the back ground. If you want to speed up the process please record in 720p.

Swing Tracer Tutorial

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Ball Tracer Tutorial

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