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PRO Update with 3D Camera Tracking!

New PC and macOS update! Golf content creators sometimes favour a shot during which the camera zooms in on the landing area of the ball. The camera is always in motion panning and zooming during these sorts of shots. Trouble for the viewer is to spot the ball in these sorts of shots. Therefore we have added the Circle option to Putt/ Ball Tracer. It allows you to quickly tag the ball position frame by frame. The result, viewers can now easily spot the location of the golf ball on the screen because the video is highlighted with a circle. The circle sticks to the ball position even when the camera is moving a lot. Below you will find a link to a step by step tutorial on how to add a sticky circle to your pan/zoom shots:

btw. we have also added in app video preview as it was a heavily requested feature. As allways if there are other features you want to see in the app please feel free to shoot us a message.


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