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Shot Tracer 4.6 Release - Added Special Effects: Shadow, Explosion, Splash and Smoke!

The new 4.6 update brings again a ton of new features to the Shot Tracer app. We added a new special effects tab to the Shot Tracer!

Explosion: When this feature is activated, an explosion is added during the Shot Tracer export to camera roll at the moment the ball lands.

Splash: When Splash is activated in the effects tab then at the moment when the ball lands a big water splash is automatically added to the exported video.

Smoke: Activate this special effects feature to automatically add a smoke cloud at impact with the golf ball in the exported video.


Now its very simple to add a Shot Tracer shadow on the ground. Simply enter the effects tab, then select Add Shadow. The Shadow editor opens up in which you can fine tune the shadow look. Once you are done navigate back to the main editor screen and press Save!

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