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Shot Tracer 7.1 - Auto Trace All Videos, Rocket Launcher & Laser Swing!


+ Don't know or remember where the ball landed in your video? No problem, let Shot Tracer's AI take care of figuring it out for you. Complete start to finish automatic tracing for all videos! Previously only in-app recorded videos were compatible with automatic start to finish tracking now you can auto trace any swing video in your phone’s gallery.

NEW SPECIAL EFFECT: ROCKET LAUNCHER + This is the coolest special effect we added to date! Launch amazing Hollywood quality CGI rockets with your drives! Really awesome for a fun round with friends to visualise those missiles everyone is launching off the tee with their drives!

LASER SWING + Turn your golf club into a lightsaber! This effect can be activated inside Shot Tracer app under the Swing Tracer option and activate Laser Swing option before pressing analyse. Follow the on screen instruction and turn your golf club into a lightsaber!

ANDROID SHOT TRACER CAMERA app for Android will also be updated today! This app version takes the guess work out of the equation. Simply select a video and the app will analyse and save the traced ball flight completely automatically.


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