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Background Saving: Save your work seamlessly in the background, allowing you to continue editing other videos—or even the same video—without interruption.

Tracer Fade After Apex: The tracer line will start to fade at the apex, ensuring that the ascending part of the line doesn't obscure the descending part. This feature is perfect for zoomed-in shots, providing a clear and unobstructed view of the entire trajectory.

Enhanced Customizations for Swing Tracer and Putt/Ball Tracer:

  • Change line type

  • Set the starting and ending size of the tracer

  • Add a custom glow to the line

  • Customize the outline color and thickness

  • Incorporate human occlusion into the video

Super High Precision Ball Follow for Descent: The tracer line now perfectly follows the ball during the descent if key frame ball locations are marked. This ensures precise tracking of the ball's trajectory, ideal for zoomed-in shots, from the apex all the way to the landing point.

Introduced Keyboard Shortcuts:

- **Z**: Zoom in and out.

- **5**: Skip 5 frames.

- **6**: Skip 10 frames.

  • **7**: Skip 20 frames.

Other updates include:

2 color line and setting custom gradient length.

Shadow editor.

Human Occlusion.

Automatic camera tracking.

Pop-up editor.

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