Voted Best Golf App by Golf Digest and Golf Magazine, the Shot Tracer app shows what seemed impossible. Ball flight tracking, swing and putt tracing, amazing 3D map overlays, and more! The app is available for iOS, Android, PC, and macOS. App features vary between platforms. Learn more about Shot Tracer and the various app features by choosing the device version of your interest.



Our mission is to help users in their quest to produce the most engaging golf videos possible. We are extremely proud of the content our users create using Shot Tracer software solutions. We are working hard to create more tools to help them excel in their creativity. From the professional studios at Golf Channel or the PGA Tour to the weekend golf vlogger, TikToker, and Instagrammer, Shot Tracer serves the needs of many productions, big and small.


Shot Tracer leverages its technologies in a suite of business solutions that will help you drive new revenue streams in the golf business. From real time ball flight tracking for streamers and television productions to Smart Tee for golf courses, and more. Learn about our business solutions below:

Shot Tracer offers state-of-art consumer software applications and an array of B2B solutions. From our award winning Smart Tee to our cutting-edge ball flight tracking solution for live tv broadcasting, Shot Tracer powers a number of industry-leading technologies. Learn more about how Shot Tracer can help drive your business further:

Shot Tracer iOS

The most popular ball flight tracking app for iPhone and iPad. Automatically trace ball-flight, swing, putt, and add amazing 3D maps to your golf videos. 


Shot Tracer PC

The pro’s choice! State-of-art ball flight tracking with a ton of pro features as well as batch processing makes golf video editing a breeze. Features are identical to the macOS version.

Shot Tracer Android

The most sophisticated ball flight tracking app for Android devices. Customize your tracer, measure drive distance, trace your swing and putt, plus so much more! 



For the seasoned and beginner golfer alike. The coach can implement cutting-edge technology in their lessons. Or it’s used by the revered content creator in the golfing community. Putt Vision is essential to simply doing it better. Because what’s better than knowing the EXACT break?



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Shot Tracer AR, the fun and eye-popping augmented reality golf app. Different from the Shot Tracer app, the Shot Tracer AR creates impressive augmented reality tracers based on a pre-set flight path simulation instead of ball flight tracking. Animations can be triggered via shot impact sound or manually.


Shot Tracer Live is a real-time ball flight tracking solution with live streaming capabilities to multiple streaming platforms. In real-time, the app will trace only the ball flight so you can keep on moving the camera around between shots as you wish.


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Shot Tracer is the first ball flight tracking app for smartphones. I am thrilled to work with the teams as they push the boundaries of technology.

Greg Norman

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Shot Tracer brings an incredible array of technologies that help individuals and golf industry professionals find new revenue streams. 

David Chessler

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Golf content creation needs to be fun and accessible to all! Shot Tracer promises to deliver to everyday golfers what used to be reserved for big budget TV productions.

Bernhard Negedly

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Shot Tracer MacOS

It’s what the pros use! Shot Tracer Pro is the most powerful ball flight tracking software on the market. Dive into the batch mode to process dozens of swing videos simultaneously and many more pro features!