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Shot Tracer 6.2 - Fully Automatic Tracking

Huge new feature that now allows you to track the ball flight without having to mark the landing spot of the ball. Currently, this feature is available when recording a new video using the recording function inside the Shot Tracer (it will be available for previously recorded videos in the next update). Inside the video recording function, you will notice that Auto Tracer is activated by default in the video recording settings drop-down. Once you have recorded a video and confirmed that the impact frame is auto set correctly the app will automatically track and trace your ball flight from start to landing without the need to manually edit anything.

SCORE CARD The score card feature is now also available on the home page of the app. Simply choose the video you want to add the score card animation to, enter your score and save the video to your camera roll. Export score card overlay in 3 different layouts: - Landscape 16:9. - Portrait. - Square 1:1 for Instagram. INCREASED TRACKING ACCURACY We increased the tracking accuracy significantly and also made it possible to track videos not recorded from a ​tripod. iPHONE 7 UPDATES If you are using an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus you can now toggle between 240 FPS and 120 FPS as well as pinch to use the iPhone 7 Plus 2x optical zoom.


Android Updates We have released Shot Tracer Android version 44. This release includes nearly all of the iOS features including: Shot Tracer - Special Effects Swing Tracer Ball Tracer Putt Tracer Fire Swing Tracer Currently, there are still some minor bugs on a number of devices that we are fixing so make sure you keep on updating the Android version as we release numerous updates every week. We heavily rely on you to report any bugs you come across in order for us to fix issues for specific devices. Please always send us your device name, Android version, and app version and a short summary of the bug. This way we can fix them quickly.

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