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Shot Tracer 3.0 - Swing Tracer feature added!

Shot Tracer 3.0 was released in order to add the Swing Tracer feature to the app. Swing Tracer is available as a stand alone app on the iOS App store or for a discount as a in app purchase inside the Shot Tracer app. Swing Tracer lets you analyze your golf swing in a revolutionary way. Swing Tracer splits your swing video into strobe motion. The video saves the club position in every frame of the video so when you play the video back you see the exact club position though out the swing.

This means that slow motion videos will show more club positions as they have more frames per second. iPhone 6S and bellow have slow motion in 720p which is low resolution. The new iPhone 7 has full HD 1080p 120 fps so a much higher quality. We recommend filming in good light and 60 FPS or higher and preferably 1080p if applicable for the best Swing Tracer result.

How to create a Swing Tracer:

Simply select or record a video in the Shot Tracer app using the Swing Tracer feature. Once a video is selected it will prompt you to shot impact frame setter screen. The shot impact is auto set (if not set correctly, use the slider to set impact) Press save and video is exported to iPhone video gallery.

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