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Shot Tracer 2.6 is now available!

We added a lot of new features that might be missed at first sight so please get acquainted with the awesome features added to Shot Tracer 2.6 in this blog post! Front Camera Filming : Use the front camera to record your swing video. There are multiple benefits on using the front camera: 1) You can see yourself in the camera and therefore potion yourself ideally in the frame. 2) The front camera has a wider field of view than the iPhone’s rear camera. This means you can stand closer to the phone. Camera Voice Control : This feature lets you say “Start recording” and “Stop recording” to control the camera. Voice control is the only app feature that needs internet connection to work. Please also keep in mind that there is a limit of how far you can stand away from the camera in order to successfully recognise voice commands. Slow Motion Video Compatibility (120 FPS and 240 FPS) : You can now track and trace Shot Tracers in your slow motion videos. iPhones have two slow motion settings: 120 FPS and 240 FPS. We recommend using 120 FPS because this way the video exports much faster. What's really cool about the slow motion export is that you can easily set the slow motion portion of the video in the iPhone’s camera roll app! Just keep in mind that slow motion videos (120 and 240 FPS) take longer than usual to export as the exported video keeps all the slow motion data in tackt in order to edit the video properly in the camera roll app. Fo this reason we highly recommend using 120 FPS setting for slow motion and converting short videos. 120 FPS - 6 second - 6 minuets export time 240 FPS - 6 second - 12 minuets export time Slow Motion Export (60 FPS Videos) : If you are recording videos in 60 FPS you can now export it in slow motion. This option exports the full video in slo mo but takes a fraction of the time if 120 or 240 FPS would be used. Shot Distance : By pressing the record button the location is saved where you hit the golf shot. You can then walk to your ball while the Shot Tracer is analysing the video and click on Distance then on Stop Measuring and you will get the exact total length of the shot you hit. Press done to add the distance to the Shot Tracer and Save the video.

Please make sure If you have location services turned on and given the app permission to know your location in order to use this feature successfully.

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