We are excited to introduce Shot Tracer Camera. An iPhone based automated golf shot recording, tracing and sharing solution.

Simply place Shot Tracer Camera on any tee box on the golf course and it will automatically record every individual golf shot.

Each golf shot video is saved to the device.

Optionally each saved video is uploaded to the Shot Tracer cloud server (internet connection required via WiFi or SIM) where the ball flight is traced. The video with the traced ball flight is then saved to an online cloud based gallery. 

The online gallery can be accessed via a link. Videos can be viewed and downloaded form the online gallery.

iPhone Camera Opening

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Screenshot 2019-09-27 at 12.48.14.png

Cooling Fan Speed Control

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Screenshot 2019-09-27 at 12.48.14.png
Screenshot 2019-09-27 at 12.48.14.png
Screenshot 2019-09-27 at 12.48.14.png

Cooling Fan

USB Power Bank


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Shot Tracer Camera is an iPhone based solution.


iPhones have some of the best cameras and number crunching computer systems on the market. Therefore there was no point to re-invent the wheel rather adopt one of the worlds best video recording technologies and connect the dots. Hence Shot Tracer Camera, an iPhone based autonomous well-protected golf shot recording, tracing and sharing solution.


Supported iPhones:

iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR iPhone, X iPhone 8

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Golf Shot Camera automatically starts recording a video once the golfer starts the back swing and stops recording when the ball lands.

The video file is then saved to the iPhone’s camera roll gallery. Optionally each video can be uploaded to our cloud service.

An internet connection via WiFi or SIM is necessary to upload videos. This can be done in real time on the golf course via a SIM or at the end of the day once the iPhone is connected to WiFi again.

When connected to the internet, videos are uploaded to Shot Tracer cloud service. From there the ball flight in each video is automatically traced and saved to your custom cloud based video gallery.


You can then share the link to this gallery from which videos can be viewed and downloaded. 






Keep an eye on the progress. Collect vital data from Shot Tracer Camera and view the data on any device.


Simply log into our web based reporting tool by entering the unique device ID and take a deep dive into the analytics. 

  • Real-time location information of the device.

  • Offline/ Online status report.

  • Device Battery level.

  • Recorded videos counter.


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In order to minimise on shipping time and cost we are currently only selling the 3D printer ready STL file for the Shot Tracer Camera housing. Once you make the purchase you will receive the file that you can then forward to your local 3D printing store and they should have the housing printed within a couple of hours.

€29.99 (3D Print Ready STL File)

Shot Tracer Camera runs on iPhone. The iPhone is placed into the Shot Tracer Camera housing and the designated Golf Shot Camera app is launched. The software then does the rest. It will record each golf video save it to the camera roll and upload it to our Shot Tracer Camera cloud service. If you already had an iPhone there is no need to purchase another.

Price depending on iPhone model



Carbon Fiber Tripod by ESDDI for a light weight and sturdy Shot Tracer Camera set up. 



Ideal Tripod clamp for attaching the Shot Tracer Camera housing tight and secure.


Anker PowerCore 20100mAh to keep the camera running for over a day. Inserted in the button part of the Shot Tracer Camera housing and charges the phone and the cooling vents the entire day.



For very hot days we highly recommend to attach the optional AC Infinity cooling fan into the specifically designed housing frame holders. The fan is also powered by the USB power bank.

Hassle-free, fully assembled Shot Tracer Camera (excluding iPhone)


  • 3D printed Shot Tracer Camera housing

  • Tripod

  • iPhone clamp

  • Tripod clamp

  • Cooling fan

  • Lightning USB charging cable

€399.99 Euros (excluding shipping)

We recommend the Manfrotto iPhone clamp due to the build quality. Perfectly fits into the Shot Tracer Camera housing enclosure.

A short high quality lightning USB charging cable. It reduces cable mess and keeps the cable from ripping.