Golf Shot Camera User Guide

Recording beep

When this option is activated, the iPhone will make a beep sound when the recoridng is started and a differnt beep sound when it is finished. The beep volume depends on how loud the volume is set on your iPhone.

This is a good feature that helps you montior if and when the camera is recording.

Optical zoom x2

When activated, the camera zooms in 2 times. If you are using an iPhone with dual cameras with will automactiaclly switch to the 2x zoom lense instead.

Front camera

Allows you to use your front facing selfie camera to auto record golf shot videos.

Frame Rate

Switch between the frame rate the videos are recorded. At default, videos are recorded in 1080p Full HD. You can chance your frame rate between 30 frames per second up to 240 frames per second for slow motion recording.

Recording Pre Sets

These are pre sets we recommend for the different recording scenarios: Driving Range Session: A shorter recording with more sensitive object detection tracking and 10 second video recording length. Golf Course Round: A bit less sensitive object detection and longer recording time.

Adjust tracking sensetivity

This adjusts how sensitive the object recognition should be. We recommend using the recording pre sets unless the app records random videos then try setting the tracking sensitivity higher and if it is not picking up shots try setting the sensitivity lower.

Sound recognition

Shot impact is detected via sound. This is because video recording time is pre set but a golfer might hit the ball towards the end of the pre set recording time. When this option is activated the app will try to identify shot impact and if needed the recording time is automatically extended in order to record the entire ball flight.

Sound recognition pre sets

Depending what club you are hitting the impact sound will be louder or quieter. Therefore you can set different sound detection levels to the app doesn’t pick up other random sounds instead. You can choose between iron, driver and driver & iron pre sets. We recommend using driver & iron pre set.

Save videos without shot sound

When this option is activated and the app records a video which has no shot sound, the video is deleted instead of saved into the phone’s gallery. Therefore it is important to set the right shot sound pre set because if you for example set it on driver it expects a loud sound, anything quiet, like a duffed iron shot won’t be saved to the camera roll.

Tournament Set Up

Allows you to connect Golf Shot Camera app to Shot Tracer. This lets you trace each recoreded video's ball flight. Great for golf tournaments, golf outings, golf course operators etc. Please contact for more information.